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Popular Referrals

  • EcoBug Doctor
    • For a fee, they will remove all wasp and bee's nests, all stinging insect nests, brought to their attention. Montreal and the surrounding area.
    • 514-422-8457
  • Humane Wildlife Control
    • Deal with urban wildlife conflicts
  • MP Bird Control Systems
    • They deal with pigeons, starlings and sparrows by installing exclusion devices.
    • 514-273-9111

Similar to U.N.I.S

  • Golden Harvest Organics
    • Excellent, gives various tips to deal with horticulture or urban wildlife problems in an environmentally-friendly manner: repulsive plants, companion plants, home-made fungicides, herbicides and repellents, wildlife nuisance, etc.
    • Sells also various products: Rotenone, Pyrethrin, Ladybug lures, Neem oil, diatomous earth and more.
  • The Pennsylvania IPM Program
    • With its «Pest problem solver» function, you'll find solutions to problems regarding tree diseases, lawn care, nuisance animals, all sorts of garden plants and much more!

Horticultural Related


Companion Plant



Fruit Trees

  • Apple
    • Apple tree biology, related problems and their control.
  • Training and Pruning Apple Trees
    • Everything you need to know about apple tree pruning.
  • Apple Orchard (University of Vermont)
    • General information for fruit growers
  • Diagnostic Tool (Cornell University)
    • This Cornell University website is excellent, as it compiles hundreds of articles and extension papers about fruit production and pathology. It has links to The Berry Diagnostic Tool for diagnosing diseases of blueberries, currants and strawberries, as well as links to other excellent tools for stone fruit and apples.

Tree Diagnosis and Advice

  • J.D. MacArthur
    • Mr. MacArthur is a retired McGill University professor specialized in tree diseases and can come to your home to diagnostic your trees.
    • 514-457-9127
  • John Watson
    • Mr. Watson is the Forest Operations Manager of McGill's Morgan Arboretum. He answers questions from the general public.
    • 514-398-7537


  • Extremely Green
    • Organic Fertilizer and Soil Amendment Guide: Gives info about what does what and which product to apply depending on symptoms.

Wildlife Related


  • Humane Wildlife Control
    • Deal with urban wildlife problems.
  • Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien
    • Information on the Zoo, conservation of wildlife and urban fauna. The «You found an animal?» section provides tips on what to do with injured, orphaned animals, laws concerning captive wild animals and more...
  • Naturama
    • Le Portail des Amateurs de Nature et d'Animaux: Info about Quebec's herp fauna (reptiles & amphibians), pets, wildlife conservation.
  • Redpath Museum (McGill University)
    • Find out about Quebec's diverse fauna and flora, conservation programs, natural history and much more.
  • The Zoological Society of Montreal
    • This society promotes wildlife knowledge and studies related to biology and natural resources. They also deal with the protection of Canadian fauna. The Zoological Society organizes monthly meetings and field trips.


  • Le Nichoir
    • Based in Hudson, Le Nichoir is a non-profit organisation that takes care of orphaned or injured birds. They are open from June to August.
    • 450-458-2809
  • SPCA
    • La Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in 1869, and has since then followed the humane movement to defend animal rights. In addition to their services of pet adoption and euthanasia, the SPCA can receive injured birds and redistribute them to rehabilitation centres.
  • Bird Studies Canada
    • Project FeederWatch: Participate in project FeederWatch by surveying birds at feeders. Also provides info about bird feeding, feeders, diseases of birds, feeder pests, FAQs and more.
  • Birds of Québec
    • Lists birds you can see in the province, as well as ornithology groups and the best place to go bird watching.
  • National Wildlife Federation
    • This is part of their The Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program which offers tips on how to attract specific types of wildlife to your own habitat. Very useful to know about which plants or seed to attract specific birds and animals to your yard. Also useful when wanting to repel certain birds from feeders.
  • American Crow And Raven Society
    • For crow and raven lovers.
  • Province of Quebec Society for the Protection of Birds
    • Lists birds you can see in the province and in the Montreal area. They organize bird courses, field trips and monthly meetings.
  • MP Bird Control Systems
    • They deal with pigeons, starlings and sparrows by installing exclusion devices.
    • 514-273-9111
  • Reporting a Federal Bird Band
    • What to do when you find a dead bird with a ring? You just have to put the ring in an envelope and mail it to address you will find on the band. By noting where you found it and the number on the band, you may also call: 1-800-327-BAND(2263).

Birds of Prey

    • L'Union Québécoise de Réhabilitation des Oiseaux de Proie is a non-profit organisation associated with la Faculté de Médecine Vétérinaire de l'Université de Montréal at Saint-Hyacinthe. They will accept injured, orphaned and dead birds of prey.
    • 514-345-8521 ext. 8424
    • 450-773-8521 ext. 8545

Owls, Woodpeckers, and Bats

  • CRIB
    • Care and Rehabilitation of Injured Birds is based on Mont Saint Hilaire and is teamed up with the UQROP. This centre rehabilitate injured and orphaned birds and bats, but is also involved in the conservation of birds of prey (particularly peregrine falcons) and educates the general public about the situation of these birds.
    • 450-457-2375


  • Squirrel-Rehab
    • American website that gives info about squirrel rehabilitation.

Other Mammals

  • Refuge Faunique
    • They will sometimes take in orphaned baby wild mammals. This is only a temporary location until they can be relocated to a specialized rehab center.
    • 514-772-8075

Animal Nuisance Control

  • The following companies will capture and relocate wild animals. Before contacting them we strongly recommend that you try the repulsive and exclusion methods from appropriate self-help sections. Trapping wild animals should only be used as a mean of last resort. Capture and relocation is damageable to the animal: some will not survive the stress imposed by the situation, most of them will just come back or be replaced by another animal of the same specie, they can be relocated in a territory owned by a dominant animal and thus be injured or even killed by it, and finally, a population increase at the point of relocation can favor transmission of diseases.
  • SOS Dundee
    • This company can trap and relocate all kinds of animals, from groundhogs to bears. They can even help you find stray cattle and deal with wasps.
    • 514-530-9444
  • Arche de Noé
    • This company offer trapping, relocating and extermination services. They can take care of birds, mammals and insects and are available 24 hours a day.
    • 514-918-6046


  • Insectarium de Montréal
    • La Toile des Insectes: Excellent, gives info about insects of Quebec, their biology and ecological importance, control, etc. They also provide general info about entomology (study of insects) and provide educational activities for kids and more.
  • Entomological Society of Canada
    • Insect info
  • Invertebrates of North America
    • Scroll down to find listings of all invertebrates of North America. In the site map you can also find listing for all wildlife of North America. Extremely useful when an insect could not be identified through the Audubon guides. Also useful to see what could be found in our region.

Insect Nuisance Control

Emergency Veterinary Care

  • Veterinary Centre DMV+
    • This clinic is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They offer several specialized cares and should be called if a wild animal has bitten a pet. Be prepared for a spicy bill...
    • 514-855-5555

Ecological Lawn Care

Montreal, West Island and Surroundings

  • BioVerdure
    • Certified Organic and ASHEQ member (Association des services en horticulture écologique du Québec)
    • 514-328-8880
  • Horizon Univert
    • Free estimates.
    • 514-332-3720
  • Natura
    • 1-800-639-4141

South Shore

  • James McInnes
    • 450-441-6987
    • 1-819-876-7555
  • Paysages Nature
    • They will do general horticulture and tree inquires
    • 450-441-0345

Eastern Townships

Pesticide Related


Non-Chemical Alternatives



Government Agencies

  • Ministère de la Faune et de l'Environnement
    • They can answer general queries and are the ones to call to obtain a verbal permission to move a nest. Touching a nest can constitute an infraction to the Migratory Bird Act and can be subjected to a penalty. You can also report poaching.
    • 1-800-561-1616
  • Canadian Nature Federation
    • Protects parks, reserves and endangered species.
  • Canadian Wildlife Federation
    • The Canadian Wildlife Federation is dedicated to ensuring an appreciation of our natural world and a lasting legacy of healthy wildlife and habitat by informing and educating Canadians, advocating responsible human actions and representing wildlife on conservation issues.
  • Canadian Wildlife Services
    • Protects endangered species, deals with human impact and wildlife projects.
    • Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
  • SOS Poaching
    • 1-800-463-2191
  • Agriculture Canada: Pesticide Information
    • 1-800-267-6313

Nurseries and Garden Centres

  • Pépinière Jasmin
    • Specialist in soil mixtures, trees, shrubs and evergreens of all sizes.
    • 6305 Henri Bourassa west, St. Laurent
    • 514-332-2978
  • Paul's Nursery
    • Sells beneficial nematodes among many garden tools and plants.
    • 9159 Gouin blvd west, Pierrefonds
    • 514-684-0297
  • Pierrefonds Nursery
    • Sells beneficial nematodes.
    • Roxboro
    • 514-684-5051


  • Wildlifers
    • Great place to buy nature supplies including binoculars, field guides, bird and bat houses, bird feeders, seeds, books and recording of bird songs. They sell Tanglefoot® and cat-bibs (to prevent them from hunting birds)
    • 90 Morgan, Baie D'Urfé
    • 514-457-4144
  • Centre de Conservation de la Faune Ailée
    • This company sells products both on a wholesale and retail basis. All their items relate to wild birds and include posters, bird and bat houses, birdfeeders, food, books, binoculars, cassettes of birdcalls, binoculars and night vision goggles. They carry Tanglefoot®, anti-pigeon cages for feeders.
    • 7950, Rue Marseille, Montreal
    • 514-351-5496
  • Hironbec (Online Store)
    • This web site offers a variety of feeders (grackle & pigeon-proof feeders) and nest boxes. Most of their products target swallows and purple martins, but they still carry tons of different seeds and nuts.
  • Réno Dépôt
    • This chain also offers quite a bit of stuff: Insectigone®, Rotenone, garden sulphur (good for snakes), mothballs, Critter Ridder®, live traps for small mammals, mouse traps, squirrel-away (capsaicin: mix with birdseed to keep squirrels at bay), BTK (bacteria specific for certain kinds of butterflies and moths), squirrel-bafflers, nets, bone and bloodmeal.
  • Botanix
    • This chain of garden centres hires plant specialist that can advise you when it comes to horticulture. They have a wide variety of garden products including plants, ornaments, fountains, bird feeders, seeds, fertilisers, soil, etc.
  • Canadian Tire
    • This chain offers a surprising amount of wildlife supplies: dried corn on the cob (great distraction for squirrels), birdseed, different feeders, Critter Ridder®, ant traps, mouse traps, wasp traps, Insectigone®, and Rotenone.
  • Pépinière Pointe-Claire
    • They are the only store in the West Island that sells the larger spray bottles of Ro-Pel® (all the other nurseries only carry the tiny bottles for about $12). They also sell netting to keep birds away from plants and other surfaces. They carry a variety of insecticides (BTK, Insectigone®, etc.) and wonderful plants (aquatic and terrestrial).
    • 261 St-Jean blvd, Pointe-Claire
    • 514-695-5110
  • La Bottine Aux Herbes
    • Sells rarely found herbs used for home made insecticides (as seen in Golden Harvest Organics)
    • 3778 A, Saint-Denis, Montreal

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