paperclip cat & dog

Cats & Dogs

Most problems involve domestic animals infringing on neighbour's yards and defecating or hunting wild birds.


  • If the pet consistently enters the garden, Ro-Pel® can be sprayed around the perimeter of the garden or at the base of plants. This substance tastes absolutely awful and is sold at a variety of different nurseries and garden centers.
  • Another recommended substance is Critter Ridder®.
  • Fences can be put up around the yard or electric fences can be installed.
  • Cats can be kept indoors or in fenced-in yards.
  • Grind up grapefruit or lemon rind. Spread over soil.
  • Use thorny plant clippings like roses or raspberry canes to spread on the soil.they wont like the footing.
  • Try planting catnip or catmint away from your garden; this will attract them to other spaces.
  • Tea made from rue leaves works when sprayed around the boundaries of the garden. Cats hate rue. Try planting rue plans here and there around you garden and you will also have some to make your own sprays. (Rue is a pretty perennial herb with yellow flowers and bluish-green leaves.)
  • Sprinkling bloodmeal has also been said to work.
  • *** Try placing mousetraps upside down on the soil. When disturbed they will go off but not hurt the cat. This will scare the intruder.
  • Spread pinecones around or try a 1cup Pinesol® in 1 gallon water and spraying on the garden.
  • Planting calendula (pot marigold) repels dogs.
  • *** Try sinking some plastic bottles into the ground and filling them with water. Supposedly dogs and cats respect fresh water sources and thus wont do their business there
  • Also, try using chicken wire or mesh, hidden under some mulch in the garden beds. Because they can't dig, they should go.


  • The Cat-bib will prevent the cat from eating local wildlife since the flap will flip up into the cat's face as it tries to bring its paw to its mouth.
  • Bells do not work because the cat will learn how to stalk without making any noise.
  • A collar with rhinestones may warn potential prey, since the sun will reflect off the surfaces.


  • Spray with the garden hose.
  • Install a scarecrow animal repeller.