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“We help people live peacefully with their urban environment.”

About U.N.I.S

Do you have a family of skunks under your porch? Ants in the kitchen? Fungus on your tree, or questions about lawn care? Then you've come to the right place! At U.N.I.S we actively promote methods for coexisting with the urban environment, because when it comes to wildlife, there are no easy answers.

Formerly divided into two departments; HIC (horticultural information center) and WIC (wildlife information center), the two were combined to create U.N.I.S in 2001. We have recently expanded our services to include guidelines on Green Living, which include proper composting, recycling, organic lawn care and water and energy saving techniques. Test your green living knowledge through one of our three quizzes, you may pleasantly surprise yourself with how much you already know!

We operate completely on donations, and are not-for-profit, which means that we can offer you a charitable receipt. We are here, purely and simply, to help urban residents find peace with nature. Please donate to U.N.I.S today, and join our very first LOGO competition. U.N.I.S has gone without a logo for too long, and you might just have the right stuff to make UNIS a household name!

  U.N.I.S In The News

Macdonald Campus walking and bicycle circuits. Do you want to explore beautiful Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, or experience the many historical heritage spots on Macdonald Campus? We are currently developing a series of maps that you can download that will guide you through several circuits designed to help you discover the grounds that house U.N.I.S, and give you a fresh breath of air.

Public action! Are you tired of the waste created by Publi-Sacs? Frustrated at containers that can't be recycled due to being made out of mixed materials? Then these letters are for you! One personal letter counts for 100 people, what better way to make a difference?

Download and finish your letter below (Word or PDF). Print your finished letter and send it to the company of your concern.

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