U.N.I.S has operated without a logo for too long. Please feel free to design a logo that you believe best characterizes our service.

Logo Competition

Do you want to make your mark and have 15 minutes of fame? You have that chance to do that by becoming the creator of the U.N.I.S logo! A logo is forever, so if you think you have it in you, we are welcoming submissions; give it a try... you never know! You can send in multiple submissions, there is no age restriction and no artistic experience is necessary.

We do have some guidelines:
Your logo must be...

  • Simple
  • Eye catching
  • Little color and detail
  • Related to UNIS
  • A symbol preferably
    – (that won't have to be translated)

The logo should represent the nature of U.N.I.S, that is, helping people live peacefully with their urban environment. Have a look around the website to get a good idea and some fresh perspective on what we're about.

Other than that, please be creative, and have fun!

The winner of the U.N.I.S Logo Competition will have their logo displayed on the U.N.I.S website, and in all U.N.I.S communications.

• Submissions can be emailed to unis.macdonald@mcgill.ca

Best of luck!